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PARIS: eternal & fascinating

Of course you’re familiar with the Eiffel Tower, the Sacré Cœur or the Louvre Pyramid… beyond the timeless charm, the capital has plenty more for you to discover: the diversity of its artistic and cultural events, the vitality of its young designers, the richness of its gastronomy, both traditional and inventive… Paris is there for the taking! There’s no doubt that those who participate in your event and those who accompany them will enjoy all these advantages to the full.

Paris, congress city, relies on the energy of its companies and the international dimension of its research and innovation. A modern and exciting centre for meetings and exchanges, Paris is a city on a human scale. Enterprising and welcoming, Paris is ready to meet all your expectations, you who are working to bring people together, to encourage exchanges and the transmission of knowledge.


Full day tour of Paris including a wine tasting & lunch at the Musée du Vin. Guests will learn about the history of Paris and admire the chief squares, bridges, main streets and buildings. The Wine Museum of Paris close to the Eiffel Tower, will welcome guests for a wine tasting and lunch; It is located in the former cellars of the 15th Century Passy Abbey.

Hot air balloon float over Paris. Float over Paris on board the unique moored balloon in Paris at 150 meters altitude height and discover Paris as you never did before! There you will enjoy some unforgettable views of the city. This tethered balloon is also a source of information on air quality that is visible from over 20km, and uses an innovative lighting system to provide real-time reports on atmospheric pollution. Balloon anchored at Parc André Citroen, in Paris.

Helicopter maiden flight. Take off for a sightseeing flight around Paris with an exceptional panoramic view of the capital’s monuments and its surroundings, and fly over the castle of Versailles. Fasten your seatbelt for a thoroughly enjoyable flight.

Segway tours. The Segway tour is the perfect tour for both those new to the city and Parisian veterans. For the beginners, this tour will offer guests a fantastic way to discover the main highlights. For the veterans, guests will learn new facts and stories about Paris that never heard. Another experience to discover the ‘City of Light’.

Seine river cruise and lunch on the Eiffel Tower. After a welcome from the crew, sail for a one-hour cruise on a small boat with fore and aft terraces and an upper deck—wonderful for exploring and admiring the rich architecture of Paris! Then have lunch at the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower.

The Lenôtre culinary school. At the Café Lenôtre on the Champs Elysées. Whether to discover chef’s secrets or help build team spirit within a group, guests will have a unique opportunity to experience a cooking lesson led by a great chef, trained in group dynamics in one of the classrooms specially designed for groups of 8 to 40 for a pastry or cooking class. Hands-on classes, demonstrations or preparing a menu and tasting their work together.


Pedestrian Rally. Guests will be split in several teams and will have to stroll around a determinated area. (ex: l’Ile de la Cité, l’Ile St Louis, Montmartre or the famous parisian galleries). Thanks to the roadbook and map they will first be provided, guests will have to discover clues and succeed in different missions through out the challenge.

Citroen 2CV tour. Unexpected Paris on board Citroen 2CV with their open top or see-through roof. … Monuments, museums, gardens, art works, beautiful views, will be presented in a typical Parisian atmosphere… your memories of Paris will taste different. Guests will be provided with road books, and a prize giving.will finalize this moment. Duration: from 1 hour tour to full day tour. Possibility to arrange transfers from one quarter of Paris to another.


Palais Maillot Business Center: 30/220 pax. Located in the in Palais des Congrès, this private business center Palais Maillot can offer either accomodation for meeting rooms, seminar, events organization, as well as. Private space for lunch or dinner. It is also possible to rent the nightclub for a private venue.


Musée Grevin : 150/300 pax. Superstars, leading politicians, international celebrities, top models and world famous athletes, the “Tout Paris” will welcome your guests at the Musée Grévin. Experience the Spirit of Paris of yesterday and of today with astounding scenes: the major events of the 20th Century, French history and. the latest news. Three hundred wax figures are waiting to meet you, to be photographed with you, to be remembered forever.
Possible activities : Guests will be welcome with a sound and lighting show at the Palais des Mirages, (hall of mirrors), visit the museum and then have dinner under the Coupole. Seated dinner: up to 150 pax. Standing dinner cocktail: up to 300 pax.

Palace Elysées: up to 700 pax. This brand new restaurant offers a soft, and modern atmosphere just nearby the Champs Elysées. The Palace Elysées can welcome guests for dinners and private parties. The reknown chief Hervé Nepple will propose your guests a creative french cuisine.

L’Usine: up pax 700 pax. The place, built in 1862, indeed sheltered the pharmaceutical laboratories central of France. An establishment where Emile-Justin Menier, “the king of the chocolate” had decided to centralize its pharmaceutical and chemical activities. Today, the factory still carries the traces of its famous occupant. the brick chimney of the old factory, classified historic building. The buildings, which profited from work of restoration, kept their parquet floors of origin, their metallically structures and their glass of antan. GROUND FLOOR (other rooms at 1st floor). Up to 700 people in cocktail, 400 people in seated dinner. Track of dance of 60m².

Club Haussman: up pax 800 pax. A new place where South cultures are combined together… from Nimes to Bayonne via Seville to live it up! Songs, music, dances, surprises, elegance. When you enter inside this former bank for the first time, you will know that it is the place you were looking for. 900 square meters divided between two levels that form a single room thanks to the 8 metres under ceiling mezzanine. In addition to the strong room located in the basement, the venue has many very well kept, beautiful architectural details.

Dinner: from 10 to 280 people.
Dinner buffet: from 50 to 500 people.
Dinner cocktail: from 50 to 600 people.
Dancing party : from 10 to 800 people.

1 day Full day Tour excursion departing from Paris :

  • CHATEAUX DE LA LOIRE: by coach, about 2h00 drive.
  • NORMANDY: by coach, about 2H30 drive.
  • CHAMPAGNE: by train, 1H30 trip.
  • BURGUNDY: by train, 1H30 trip.