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Events in France

We provide a wide range of activities all over France, region by region you can find a lot of interesting items you can use for creating your splendid trip to France.



PARIS: eternal & fascinating Of course you’re familiar with the Eiffel Tower, the Sacré Cœur or the Louvre Pyramid… beyond the timeless charm, the capital has plenty more… Read more »


French Riviera

FRENCH RIVIERA: The Glamorous! Côte d’Azur is irresistible to many titles: home, business, climate, quality of life… The French Riviera is a land of emergency with a… Read more »



NORMANDY: Seaside and countryside Visitors have a choice between seaside and countryside. The stunning beauty of the region’s interior, with its thatched cottages… Read more »



CHAMPAGNE: a sparkling way to celebrate To explore the Champagne region and its vineyards, a good idea is to follow the well-signed tourist trail (Route Touristique… Read more »



BURGUNDY: between History and Gastronomy: Famous all over the world for its wines, Burgundy isn’t only about vineyards. Thanks to its geographical position… Read more »


Loire valley castles

LOIRE VALLEY CASTLES: a sweet way of life. Through the Loire Valley runs the Loire river, a beautiful thread linking historical cities, villages, and famous… Read more »



PROVENCE: A fragrance of lavender. The region Provence Alps Côte d’Azur waits to be discovered. From the Alpine peaks to the Mediterannean shores under… Read more »